Independent schools and private schools are terms which are used interchangeably. These usually represent schools which are not state funded. However these can be funded by the tuition fees or the endowments provided by different organizations. The following schools fall into the category of independent schools:

  • Public Schools. Historically these were once the most exclusive and expensive schools. These days the term is used with a greater flexibility.
  • Boarding schools are schools which have the facility of being a home away from home for its pupils. Children are given of on a monthly basis. These schools are known for the superb facilities and a myriad of extra curricular activities.
  • Prep schools are private primary schools which are focused on children aged 4 to 7 years. These help prepare children for entry into independent Secondary Schools also known as junior schools.

What is an independent school?

Independent schools are not financed by the state but work on the school fees which is paid by the parents. These schools cater to children of different age group. It should be kept in mind that all independent schools are actually private schools and the terms are often used interchangeably. Usually independent schools are overseen by a board of trustees. These schools charge a fee based on the kind of Curriculum that they offer. These are beyond the regulation of the government yet still have to confirm with the official standard of education and safety.

Independent schools can be highly selective. Most of the time parents can only get a place for the child if the put the child’s name down at birth. However things have changed and now there are admissions taking place every year in different independent schools in Gold Coast.

Selection for early years schooling is based upon an assessment where your child is observed for being School ready. They might be tested on their speech and social interactions. However there are certain independent schools which do accept children with special needs. Children whivare 7 to 8 years of age are often assessed on the language and math skills. They are also provided with reasoning tests to measure their potential. On the other hand admission to a Secondary School would require an application deadline at least a year prior to the entry. It is important that parents should choose the right independent school for the child in order to ensure their future success. However it is important that parents should not be swayed by  a school with the top name. Despite the fact that it has got the raving reviews it might not be the best option for your child.

The experts at independent School Gold Coast would be able to guide parents by providing them with education consultancy. A one on one interview can help parents understand the different aspects of education at an independent School. These interviews are also great ways of helping parents understand the actual potential of the educational institute which they have chosen for their child.


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