Early childhood educators and researchers have always advocated the importance of early childhood education. Two years of preschool gives every young child the best start in life. 

Neuroscience emphasizes that the early years especially from birth to 8 years are best for optimal learning and development. Children who attend preschool have a consistent and positive impact on their cognitive and social development.

There are several play-based preschool programs in Pendle hill where the educators are committed towards improving children’s learning and developmental outcomes.

A recent report states that the most impactful reform Australia could make is to increase access to quality early childhood education for three-year olds.

Another research proved that two years of preschool was more impactful than one especially for children who came from a low socioeconomic background or were developmentally vulnerable.

 A matter of concern is the fact that only 15% of Australian three-year-olds are enrolled in a preschool program. As parents it is your responsibility to select the right Pendle hill pre school for your child. You can explore Pendle Hill’s top-rated preschools here.

 Why send your child to a Pendle hill preschool?

Sending a child to preschool is not only investment in human capital but it is also a great economic investment in the sense that you are preparing the future workforce. It’s a cost effective way of early remedial intervention which can prevent high school dropouts in the future.  The experiences which children have in early childhood set the foundation for learning disposition and important life skills.

Preschool education has a positive impact on early language and literacy, both of which are necessary for school achievement. 

When looking for a preschool consider the qualification of the teacher. They should have at least a four year degree program which aligns with the early years learning framework. Children are taught through play-based learning which is either self-directed or guided play where the adult intentionally extends the child’s learning through play and different activities.

 When you send your child to a high quality preschool program you not only promote their academic skills but also improve their social development. The educators help children learn by engaging them in prolonged conversations, where the educator and the child solve problems together and clarify concepts.

There are several programs that help parents with childcare affordability. For parents whose children are already in care, 15 hours of preschool will be funded by the government thereby cutting costs to the family.

No matter what your educational perspective, as a parent you’re responsible for giving your children the best start to early learning. It will not only benefit your children but also the family in the long run. When looking for a preschool for your child. Ensure you have done research. If possible visit the preschool in person to know more about how they conduct daily activities. Talk to parents in your area who are sending their child to a preschool you are interested in. It will allow you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a preschool in Pendle hill for your child.


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