We always want mementos of events and the people we love. That’s why we take pictures of them.

Taking pictures a long time ago needed the patience of Job. The 24 or 36 frames had to be used up before the roll of film can be processed and printed by a lab. Only then will people be able to view the photos.

Not all photos taken during that time were perfect shots. The best ones were the ones pasted on photo albums for posterity. Nowadays, taking photos of family and friends is so easy using a smartphone or a high-end camera.

The photos you take are seldom printed. They are instead uploaded to social media platforms as a way of sharing the memories. After all, social media platforms seem to have endless files to contain all the photos you’ve uploaded.

Yet, those archived photos only look good from afar. Looking at them up close gives you blurry and unclear photos. This is because social media platforms tend to compress images for them to be able to save them.

Printing out your memorable photos is the best way to hold on to those wonderful moments and milestones in your life. The reasons to compel you to see the importance of photo printing Brisbane includes:

Printed photos are the best way to hold on to emotions, places, and experiences


Printed photos take you back in time to the places, the experiences, the way you felt, and the way you used to look. You easily recall all the lovely moments spent together with the special people in the photos.

The photo might have been taken in your old place and looking at them can make you see how far you’ve come since that time. Having a printed photo makes you see the small things and experience once again all those precious memories.


Printed photos can inspire you


Not all days are good especially when you live in the fast lane. You may have the best career right now but there will be times when you feel down. Printed photos can serve as inspirations during low days. This is probably the top reason for people to have printed photos prominently displayed on the walls of their homes or their desks in the workplace.

These photos serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the people, the places, and the experiences that have made you what you are now. Bad days become manageable when you see your family photos to remind you that they will always have your back no matter what.


Printed photos are tangible memories to hold on to


Printed photos are tangible legacies for your children. Putting them up on the walls, on the desks or photo albums makes your kids see you during your youthful years. Since the photos are printed, it saves you the time and hassle of having to root through the archived files on your smartphone or PC.

Doing it the way your parents did when they showed you their old photos is the advantage provided by having photos printed.


Memories need to be held close even with the fast changes happening in the digital world. One of the best ways to take advantage of the changes in digital printing is to have important photos printed as soon as they happen. Choose professional photo printing in Brisbane by Southern Cross Printing.






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