1. Due to the less ozone and pollution to block the sun’s harmful UV rays, the exposure to sun rays is far higher in New Zealand than in the most other countries and New Zealand has one of the world’s highest rates of skin cancer. So, before you land in that country you better put on some sunscreen and wear on a hat.
  1. New Zealand has unimaginably strict biosecurity laws to guarantee obtrusive species do not enter their lands that could impact and affect the nation’s farming and indigenous habitats. You should announce any food, plants or animal products on landing in customs, and any outdoors outfit, sloppy boots, golf clubs or bikes which may be carrying around outsider species. In case you don’t know, it’s best to pronounce it as substantially as fines can be forced for neglecting to do as so. Ensure you clean your shoes, boots or any other gear before you go to New Zealand.

  1. It isn’t common or necessary to tip while you are in New Zealand, but you can however, for really excellent service tip if you like. The sum is optional and is generally 10% of the entire amount being paid for the service. On national holidays it is standard for eateries and bistros to charge an extra administration expense of around 10-15%. So, lookout for whether you are already being charged for the services.
  1. New Zealand is known for having four seasons in a single day. The temperature in the North and South Islands can significantly vary or change within a few hours, and relying upon what season you go, it can get extremely icy. Bring easygoing garments that you can layer. Bring great shoes as there is a considerable measure of strolling, climbing, and outdoor activities, and bring a rain coat. The rain visits particularly near South Island icy masses and Fiordland National Park.
  1. New Zealand’s a very low populated nation. Topographically it’s nearby in size to the UK, yet its populace is just 4.47 million. But, an interesting fact is that sheep outnumber individuals. There are around six sheep for each human in New Zealand. it’s one of the most shocking proportions on the planet. So, you better get used to seeing sheeps all around you!eight_col_nz_population
  1. Get ready for some amazing and frequent coffee breaks. You can find coffee machines (generally espresso) at all small and big restaurants, gas stations, stores and any place nearby to your surprise would possibly have a coffee making machine with wonderful cups in which you can drink.
  1. If you love camping then New Zealand is just the place for you as you can basically camp on any conservation land. There are no restrictions to where you can camp. So pack a few tents if you are deciding to fly to Zealand.


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